Crystals are fascinating, don’t you think? They have such powerful energies to them. Holding one of them in your hand, you can feel the energies flowing right from that spot, up your arm, and to the rest of your body. Crystals are nature’s medicine, found typically in caves, buried underneath rocks, preserving until it’s time to rise up and play a part in helping humanity. Rock, any rocks, by the beach, in Sedona Arizona, rocks that you find on hiking trails all possess nature’s energy. Have you ever leaned against a tree for a while and feel so much better afterward? Did you also noticed how much more grounded you were afterward?

Crystals, to us, to me, are living things. Just hold onto one and there’s no mistaken the powerful energy emitting from them. My goal is to share with you the individual crystal properties and how best to work with them.

Stay tune!!!

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